Hi everyone! My name is Bryan Williams, or Farmer Bryan to all of our farm friends. I am writing this blog to open up a new line of communication and information between the Farm and our fans. To do so, I would like to start off with providing some basic information about the farm, how it runs, and who does what. 

Crowes Nest is a family-run organization that loves to have fun, but needs your help to do it! We typically have around 400 visitors per day as part of four to six schools or groups. The farm is closed for January and February due to weather and to allow for construction, improvements, and clean up. March through May, the Farm is booked on weekdays with scheduled tours, and on Saturdays with Family Tour Days and Birthday Parties. Once school is out, we offer small tours on weekdays in June and July. We are then closed in August and September due to the heat. October is our favorite month of the year. We welcome the changing weather, open for tours on weekdays, offer festivals every saturday, and typically celebrate the new baby from one of our dairy cows. We stay open for November and half of December and then shut down in time for Christmas.

Dr. Diane Crowe started Crowes Nest with her son, Dave Williams, who is my father. The farm has been family run and operated since its inception in 1983. Over the years, all of the family has participated in some way or another by working tours or festivals, assisting with curriculum development, taking care of new, injured, or orphaned animals, or managing business functions. Farmer Dave has three kids: Chris, Bryan, and Natalie. Chris helps at the farm from time to time, but primarily manages the farms' advertising efforts while he owns and operates his own audio production company. Natalie is currently in college but loves to care for the baby animals when she is home. As for myself, I have worked with State Law Enforcement as a professional trainer and law enforcement equipment procurement supervisor for six years. I manage the farms media pages and website, as well as the farms expenditures. My mother is an art teacher with AISD and a fantastic potter. She primarily works the fall festivals by running the face painting booth and selling her famous home made bread. I'm serious, if you have not had this bread, it is some of the best you will ever have. Make sure to buy it as soon as you get there, it tends to sell out quickly!

Although not all of our staff are blood relatives, we consider them family. Eric and Joyce are married and have been with the Farm for 22 years. Both of them were professional educators in their early careers. Clare has worked as a professional librarian all over the US and Europe, and as a librarian at Dr. Crowe's elementary schools. Now, she has been on staff at the farm for many years as well. Megan grew up attending camp at the farm, working summer camp, and now working tours a few days a week. Her primary job is a professional social worker in a medical care facility.

Now that you know who we are, tune in for later posts to find out why we do what we do, urban farming topics, and all of the crazy stories and adventures we have had over the years!