Animal and Garden Sponsorship Program

The Crowes Nest Farm animal and garden sponsorship program has been created to help give our animals and facilities the best care possible! This program is designed to engage our most loyal fans and educate the public about what it takes to properly care for farm animals and Texas wildlife.

This program would allow dedicated farm fans to sponsor an animal or group of animals for a year at a time. As a thank you for sponsoring animals for a year, the sponsor would receive a year-long membership for up to four people, and a sign placed on the enclosure with the sponsoring entity or family's name.

Below is an itemized list of all of the animals and gardens that can be sponsored, and the annual cost for each. Sponsorships may be funded in part or in whole, with whole sponsorships displaying a sign with the sponsoring entity or family name on the enclosure!

Please consider sponsoring an animal or garden at Crowes Nest Farm this year! All sponsorships are tax-deductible and significantly aid in providing improved veterinary care, diet, and habitat maintenance for all of our wonderful animals. We simply can't do it without you!



Sheep - 10

Goats - 34

Llamas - 13                           

Alpacas - 8

Cows - 15                             

Donkeys - 9

Miniature Horses - 7             

Chickens - 50+

Turkeys - 10                           

Peacocks - 6

Pheasants - 5                       

Quail - 6

Harris Hawk - 1                     

Broad Winged Hawk - 1

Red Shouldered Hawk - 1   

Red Tailed Hawk - 1

Cara Cara - 1                         

Kestrel - 1

Great Horned Owl -1           

Barred Owl - 1

Barn Owls - 2                       

Screech Owls - 3

Ostrich - 2                             

Emu - 2

Sebastopol Geese - 5         

Bobcat - 1

Coatimundi - 2                     

Ringtail - 1

Racoon - 1                             

Prairie Dogs - 100+

Snakes - 12                           

Amphibians - 10

African Spurred Tortoises - 3



ABC Garden                                       

Vegetable Garden

Jack and the Beanstalk Garden         

Little Red Riding Hood Garden

Three Little Bears Garden                 

Hansel and Gretel Garden

Cereal Garden                                     

Pizza Garden

Humpty Dumpty Garden                   

Fairy Garden

Hummingbird Garden                         

Three Goats Gruff Garden

Mr. McGregors Garden


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